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After investing in beautiful granite countertops for your kitchen or bathroom, it’s natural to be eager to start using them immediately. As a leading provider of granite countertops in Indianapolis, Indiana, we understand this excitement and want to ensure you have all the necessary information about utilizing your new countertops right after installation.

While it is possible to use granite countertops immediately after installation, we recommend exercising caution to avoid any potential damage. Although granite is an incredibly durable material, the adhesive used during installation may require some time to fully cure, providing maximum strength and stability to the installation.

To ensure the longevity of your countertops, it is suggested to wait 24-48 hours before placing heavy objects or applying excessive pressure. It is also advisable to avoid cutting directly on the surface without protective cutting boards to prevent scratches. Regularly cleaning and maintaining your granite countertops will help preserve their luster and beauty over time.

At Granite Depot of Indianapolis, we take pride in offering high-quality granite countertops that are both visually stunning and built to last. With our extensive selection and professional installation services, you can trust us to enhance the elegance and functionality of your space. Contact Granite Depot today for all your granite countertops in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Can You Use Granite Countertops Right After Installation?